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Ellington Waterfall

Ellington Waterfall began as a one-take improv buried in my phone’s voice memos. It evolved into acoustic piano paired with subtle noise, as if Brian Eno was producing Aphex Twin.

French Onion Dip

French Onion Dip is a lo-fi hip-hop trip through fuzzy nostalgia, tasty synths, and delicious options for potato chips.

House of Blue Magic

A lo-fi ambient soundscape of slowly evolving chords and tape saturation. I found this on my hard-drive and re-worked it for a proper release. I have no idea where the original file came from – maybe from the dimension of blue magic?

Angels in Waiting

Angels in Waiting is an attempt write a short, concise ambient track (words that don’t always go together!) It features synthesizers recorded to tape and gentle piano.


Snowsteps is a love letter to clever arrangements of holiday music and retro synthesizers.

Hard to be the Bard Soundtrack

A musical D&D campaign in the Feywild! An ancient artifact, an epic song of old called the Bards’ Tale is the only hope to bring true peace to the Kingdom of Richester. Hard to be the Bard leads the characters through the Feywild on a series of adventures inspired by our favorite musicals! 


Spiderpop is that catchy on-hold music that you never knew the name of. Spiderpop is the hippest corporate-training video music never made. Spiderpop is the sound of VHS home movies of family shopping trips to the mall. Spiderpop is a loving tribute to the 80’s synth aesthetic and super catchy melodies.

“Trier’s new song takes that almost-cheesy synth pop and turns it into a shimmering, beautiful tune.”

CT Verses


An EP that uses fuzzy synths, lo-f beats, accordion, and euphonium to tell stories about the ocean and our relation to it.

New Anight

A cross-Atlantic collaboration with ambient guitarist/modular synthesist encym. Two melodic, glitchy pieces of broken ambient music.


Recorded live for International Drone Day, xixtx is a longform 60-minute journey through dark ambient soundscapes. Purchase it on Bandcamp to get audio stems to remix or use in your own projects.

Curious Incidental Music (A Suite)

This EP of short pieces accompanied a production of the play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” I was able to weave themes for the characters through elements of ambient music, polyrhythms, even a little good old-fashioned techno.

Palehound in a Sea of Color

This album consists of a 6-minute piece (“Palehound”) and a 61-minute remix (“In a Sea of Color”) for piano and accordion. The two complementary pieces use an extremely constrained set of pitches to explore timbre, dissonance, and resolution in very slow motion.

“Quite engrossing!”

Ricardo Wang, KFFP Freeform Portland


A live performance of tape-music techniques, featuring processed voice, accordion, and live-looping (and also eating healthy snacks into a microphone). Recorded live at the Uncertainty Music Series, New Haven.

“All in all, nevernaut is an impressive album of experimental ambient curiosities!”

Kai Nobuko

Infrared Leviathan

Electronics improvisations edited and organized using mathemagics. Drawing on noise music, free improv, Baroque counterpoint, Varèse, and implemented using Goodwill cassettes, dusty boom boxes, and discount guitar fx pedals. 

Only Numbers Remain

Inspired by experimental guitarist Derek Bailey’s practice of jamming with pirate “jungle” stations in the late 80’s, I wanted to advance this concept using raggacore (drum n bass’s manic offshoot) and twelve-tone instrumental music. I tried to make a face-smacking combination of academic classical music and underground club music. Featuring Barry Seroff on guitar.

“Notes pass quickly away; numbers, however, though stained by the corporeal touch of pitches and motions, remain.”

Scholia Enchiriadis


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