Getting to Remix Tracks You Really, Really Like – Pt. 1, The LeBoeuf Bros.

Remixing tracks has turned out to be a great step for my career, such as it is (certainly better for my career than my usual chin-stroking tomfoolery).

Right now I’m really digging being in the middle of working on two tracks from two very cool artists.

Today: The LeBoeuf Brothers.

The LeBoeuf Brothers are jazz-playing twins. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Their most recent album, In Praise of Shadows, is a doubly-made album – they initially tracked it as a modern jazz album…then they went in and remade all the tracks from the angle of electronic music.

And it sounds cool:

Then they opened it up for remixes, so I got to remix a remix!

Working on a track like this is almost hard because there’s so much great material to work with. If I was working on, say, a techno track with just one hook, remixing would be easy – I’d keep the hook and rebuild the rest.

I read somewhere that creativity is about making choices and eliminating your options until you’re left with the final product. Working on this track, D2D, was a lot like that – picking the parts to keep was a series of very difficult decision! There was so much good stuff in there, it pained me that I could only pick a few to work with.

(and props to their bassist Linda Oh, who always provided this remixer with musical gold.)

I’ve sent the track off, so hopefully it will be a worthy contribution to the remixed remixes.

Tomorrow’s recommended remixee: ASA PHELPS.

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