New Album Out – Only Numbers Remain!

Pleased as punch to announce my new EP, Only Numbers Remain, is now available!

This EP combines my interests in free improv and drum and bass music with a super-nerdy classical interest in Schoenberg’s 12-tone serialism.

This is project gestated for a long time – I was inspired by reading free jazz guitarist Derek Bailey’s (surly and hilarious) account of recording a free jazz guitar/drum and bass collaboration.  (Once long-lost, now easily available on the intermanets).

I worked out a system of improvising over 12-tone rows and layed out some basic D&B tracks in Ableton live.  Then I roped in <A HREF=”; target=new>Barry Seroff</A>, one of my favorite musicians, to play on the album.  We spent a sunny afternoon improvising over 12-tone rows (and wrestling with equipment)…and then I started teaching and my life was totally consumed.

This past summer I resolved that I was finally going to release this thing, and I utilized the masterful mixing services of Dave Brenneman (I love making music, I hate mixing. Dave makes beautiful mixes effortlessly (or it seems effortless to me at least).

And there we have it.  A 5-song EP that’s very weird and a little jarring, and I’m very proud of it!

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