Shout-out from Jeffrey Agrell Himself!

Improv Games for One Player Cover
Clicky clicky

How cool to receive a shout-out from the creator of my some of favorite improv exercises!  Jeffrey Agrell, author of Improv Games for One: A Very Voncise Collection of Musical Games for One Classical Musician, linked to recent post of mine on an improv session with David Elkin-Ginetti.


(This book’s suggestion to practice your scales in irregular rhythms has been a staple of my warm-up routine for a couple of months now – I’ve been doing all major and minor scales and arpeggios in 5/4)


I’ve been a reader of Agrell’s blog, Improv Insights, for a while – it’s really motivating to hear from a music educator who is so passionate about the power of improvisation and creativity – check it out!

(I love the internet!)

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