Closet Music: Music for the Mind (and Only the Mind!)

Photo: Flickr user vmiramontes

So I have to share this new concept I came across on The Composers Site. “Closet Music” is music intended to be made–and heard–only in the participant’s head.

Sound crazy? It’s actually peaceful and meditative – check out some sample scores from their first collection:

(the Burnell one gave me a real “a-ha!” moment – it’s structured so cleverly, in terms of audiation and also visually)

It’s sort of, oddly, an inverse of Cage’s 4′ 33″ – the “music” in Cage’s piece is created by the sounds around you. With closet music, the “music” is created only inside you.

They have a call for scores – it closed last week, but if you ask nicely and have some good ideas…


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