Hear My “Tape” Piece on the Collected Aural Detriments Compilation

So Reddit can be a huge time-sink (especially if you’re an internet/information addict like I am), but occasionally great things come from it – one enterprising musician took the initiative to start a “noise music” collective, and we have just released our first compilation, “Collected Aural Detriments, Vols 1-3.”

My Cage-inspired tape piece “Fire Engine Dragon” is included:

This was a fun piece to make – it started as an exercise, but then I went back to revise it, and now it seems to stand on its own.

There’s some cool stuff on here, and the collective is now working on a super-awesome project involving different people working with a shared pool of sound clips, which I’m really excited about…more info soon, stay tuned!

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