Peep my new album, Infrared Leviathan

Hey hey!  I’m happy to announce that my newest album, Infrared Leviathan, is now available for pay-what-you-can download.  This album draws on my passions for noise music, improvisation, and the principles of Baroque counterpoint.  Guided by Edgard Varèse’s philosophy of music as simply organized sounds, Infared Leviathan is a manic spin through palm-sized synthesizers, Goodwill cast-off cassettes, and blasts of FM radio static, all organized and edited using Golden Ratio mathemagics.  If the idea of a found-sound Merzbow excites you, you’ll dig this album.

I’m hoping to make some videos that explain my process in the future – until then, please listen and enjoy.  (And if you enjoy it, tell a friend!)

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