First track of my new album Infrared Leviathan: “Springsteen-Influenced 3-Song Cassette Demo”

Let’s get weird! Here’s the first track of my new noise/improv/electronics album Infrared Leviathan: “Springsteen-Influenced 3-Song Cassette Demo”

The song gets its title from one of the source materials for the noise – I grabbed a handful of interesting-looking cassettes from New Haven’s favorite “Pay What You Can” book-store/cultural event center, Never-Ending Books. I came home and ran blasts of the tape through a delay pedal, ring modulator, etc etc, along with some other weird sounds (radio static, Korg Monotron bleeps and bloops, etc.) and then did some editing of the improv to prioritize the parts I liked and arrange it into a more satisfying composition.

What you get is the periodic resurgence of a very earnest “heyya” that could be about the struggle of the working man against big business or about how the singer is planning on calling his girl that night — all placed over a sound-bed of outer space noises and very impersonal fizzes and fuzzes.

I think this track really embodied the sense of organization and structure I wanted to get with this album – I love noise music and free improv, but I also love a brilliantly constructed classical piece. I wanted to have recognizable elements pop up again and again but in new places, hopefully making this sound like real music that just happens to be from another dimension.

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