music made of reactions

Hear me on the new Simultaneous Aural Detriments compilation!

At long last, I am a member of the 1%!  I contributed 3 minutes of music (and 12 minutes of silence) among 13 other artists to this awesome experimental project, Simultaneous Aural Detriments.

The organizer of this piece asked 14 artists to contribute “a track of exactly 15 minutes with no more than 3 minutes of actual sound, distributed in any way throughout the total length of the track. This left each track with a total of 12 minutes of silence.”

The organizer of the compilation then layered all the tracks together, letting the structure emerge as it may. There’s a lot of hisses and bleeps and boops; I contributed some piano lines under my ROBOT MONSTOR moniker.

I think it’s a good listen – the structure emerges through the happenstance of repeated sound and repeated links between sounds.


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