North Country Electronic Music Festival

I had a great weekend performing at the North Country Electronic Music Festival in Montpelier, VT.  The event was organized by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Anne Decker, and David Morneau, and was part of of the 24th annual South End ArtHop – so it was a very cool scene with people coming in and out of the club all day if they were intrigued by the sounds emanating from within.

I performed the new second movement of “Piano” with my collaborator (and fellow VCFA alum) Aaron Cecchini-Butler.

Our collaborations are usually constrained by distance and time, but this time it was REALLY constrained – to the point that we weren’t able to rehearse until the morning of the performance.  We had each written our parts individually without hearing the other’s contribution and, magically, they fit together almost immediately.  We made some minor tweaking (and a beat…and a sub-bass, because every beat needs a sub-bass…) but we were ready to go pretty quickly.


(few people know that my love of improv extends to performance furniture…)

We were interviewed by Kalvos and Damian (Dennis Bathory-Kitsz and David Ross Gunn, who, might I add, has excellent taste in pants hues).

the interview 147364805699677.jpeg

And we were hosted by Craig Pallet, a great composer who had also performed at the festival and who alsoincidentally takes amazing selfies:


Aaron and I debuted our new project, “Osaka Color Theory.”  Watch this space!

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