#7…WITH A BULLET! (“Heavy Rotation” on WFMU!)

While ego-surfing (aka “typing your own name into Google” aka “avoiding grading 20 Freshman Music Theory exams”) I discovered that my album Acidic Jazz, Malicious Mash-ups was on WFMU’s heavy rotation list for jazz albums! THANKS WFMU!!!! (And, I ADORE WFMU’s Beware the Blog – a music blog curated by people who freaking love music.Continue reading “#7…WITH A BULLET! (“Heavy Rotation” on WFMU!)”

New Post Up at “Composing My Way through History”

Got a new blog post up at my other blog, “Composing My Way through History.” Briefly discusses a Yale talk I went to, where I saw some cool performances of the music mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays and even learned a historical tidbit or two.   My first real post for that blog is about 98% done.Continue reading “New Post Up at “Composing My Way through History””

75/100 Celebrating John Cage and Steve Reich

I kicked off my week long  vacation in the best way possible, attending a concert celebrating the music of Steve Reich and John Cage.  Reich is 75 this year, Cage would have been 100, so the Yale Percussion Group put on a great retrospective for them. (I think Reich was in the audience – honestly,Continue reading “75/100 Celebrating John Cage and Steve Reich”

First Post at the New Digs

Well, due to annoying circumstances beyond my control, I’ve migrated over to a WordPress.com site (long story short: you get what you pay for).  I’m hurting with the lack of a Soundcloud widget to go in the side bar, but maybe I’ll figure out how to do that.  In theory right now wordpress.com is hardContinue reading “First Post at the New Digs”