New Album Out: The Kitchen Sink’s In A Silent Way

I’m on this new album from Nick Di Maria – a new performance of Miles Davis’ “In A Silent Way,” recorded live last Sunday. It was a fun performance – I was one of two keyboardists on stage, which is a set up I enjoy (as long as the other keyboardist is the right kindContinue reading “New Album Out: The Kitchen Sink’s In A Silent Way”

Stop Making Symphonies, Start Making Albums

“I think that the quicker young classical musicians stop writing chamber music and symphonies, and instead start making albums, the better.” Thus says Owen Pallett in an interesting article (with a terrible title): “Awesome Music.”  It starts as a discussion on why classical music is perceived as “old person” music, and then the round-tablers goContinue reading “Stop Making Symphonies, Start Making Albums”

Shout-out from Jeffrey Agrell Himself!

How cool to receive a shout-out from the creator of my some of favorite improv exercises!  Jeffrey Agrell, author of Improv Games for One: A Very Voncise Collection of Musical Games for One Classical Musician, linked to recent post of mine on an improv session with David Elkin-Ginetti.   (This book’s suggestion to practice your scalesContinue reading “Shout-out from Jeffrey Agrell Himself!”

Improv Session – The Mysterious Tenuto

Picking up where we left off with my “avante garde jam session” writeups, when we last left our heroes, they were about to tackle a new piece.  A piece steeped in mystery, hauled from the darkest dredges of the internet.  A piece whose name is whispered in the most hushed of tones…a piece named…”Tenuto.“ Seriously,Continue reading “Improv Session – The Mysterious Tenuto”

I’ve been YouTubbled

Well, this is pretty nice. I put my piece WEOW up on the Internet Music Score Library Project, partly to see how the whole thing worked, partly to help get up more scores involving tape and improvisation. Someone was cool enough to make a YouTube video out of it: And also cool enough to creditContinue reading “I’ve been YouTubbled”

Herbie Hancock, aka “Thumbsishi”

I love Herbie Hancock. He’s one of my top 5 favorite musicians. He’s done amazing work in multiple genres, he’s a melodic and funky player, and he writes great tunes (Dolphin Dance is freaking beautiful). So I am digging this live performance of Chameleon (not coincidentally because my high school jazz band students are workingContinue reading “Herbie Hancock, aka “Thumbsishi””

Improv Session – Agrell’s Interval Game and Ternary Form

In our last improv, we talked about how constraints drive creativity – but too many constraints, or constraints that never change, can get a little dull. To remedy that, in this improv we intorduced a little tonal variety by taking the next logical next step and added a B section that introduced different intervals. IContinue reading “Improv Session – Agrell’s Interval Game and Ternary Form”

“Say Yes to Any Opportunity”

“Say yes to any opportunity to do anything even close to what you dream of doing. This will sometimes get you in over your head, but that will just make you swim harder. It’s the best way to meet other people who love to do what you love to do. You will learn from andContinue reading ““Say Yes to Any Opportunity””