More Animated Scores: André Vida

And as long as I’m discussing animated scores, I have to share the work of André Vida, whose work features scores that are literally animated – as in they come to life and spin around with eyeballs and movement in some sort of cross between Terry Gilliam’s animations for Monty Python and the jagged, splotchy boundariesContinue reading “More Animated Scores: André Vida”

Jesc Bunyard’s Video Scores

L’Autre Musique’s collection of “New Writings of Sound and Music” also included this video score by composer Jesc Bunyard.    It’s basically a silent video that is displayed/shown for the performers, and they play what they see. Check it out – what a cool concept!   Talk about a graphic score!  She has some moreContinue reading “Jesc Bunyard’s Video Scores”

A Demonstration of Coagula, the Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ

So I’m having too much fun with this and I have to share – I just revisited my “noisemakers” folder and found some ooolld software and remembered how completely fun it was  Coagula, the “Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ.” It’s basically a Windows Paint that when you’re done makes wacky sounds.  It’s buckets of fun andContinue reading “A Demonstration of Coagula, the Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ”

Solo piano piece up: To Change the Height of Musical Surroundings

And here’s my new composition – To Change the Height of Musical Surroundings. This was piece was a journey (and it portrays a journey too, but that’s another blog post for another day): prompted by my teacher’s challenge to compose “away from the piano,” I took out a piece of staff paper and drew recklessContinue reading “Solo piano piece up: To Change the Height of Musical Surroundings”

Closet Music: Music for the Mind (and Only the Mind!)

So I have to share this new concept I came across on The Composers Site. “Closet Music” is music intended to be made–and heard–only in the participant’s head. Sound crazy? It’s actually peaceful and meditative – check out some sample scores from their first collection: Summer 1976 Paul Burnell’s Sound Meditations (the Burnell one gaveContinue reading “Closet Music: Music for the Mind (and Only the Mind!)”

Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class

Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class I’ve been enjoying this book (basically a print version of the lectures for the Music109 class he teaches/taught at Wesleyan) and since I was sick of cataloging found-sound samples I thought I’d make a big playlist of all the pieces discussed in the book in order. So enjoyContinue reading “Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class”

Score featured on

I’m pickled tink to announce that my score for “Cycles that Surround Us” has been included in a collection of “new forms of writing sound and music distant from the traditional Western scoring” on This is a very cool french blog that is dedicated to new music and thoughts.     Click through toContinue reading “Score featured on”