Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class

Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class I’ve been enjoying this book (basically a print version of the lectures for the Music109 class he teaches/taught at Wesleyan) and since I was sick of cataloging found-sound samples I thought I’d make a big playlist of all the pieces discussed in the book in order. So enjoyContinue reading “Spotify Playlist for Alvin Lucier’s Music109 book/class”

I’ve been YouTubbled

Well, this is pretty nice. I put my piece WEOW up on the Internet Music Score Library Project, partly to see how the whole thing worked, partly to help get up more scores involving tape and improvisation. Someone was cool enough to make a YouTube video out of it: And also cool enough to creditContinue reading “I’ve been YouTubbled”