New Track on “No Atmosphere. Silent Abyss.”

I have a track on this new noise music compilation, “No Atmosphere. Silent Abyss.” The assignment was to build a track using samples from NASA’s recently released trove of space sounds! (thus the title – get it???) I approached mine as if I were Steve Reich using phasing with software samplers instead of tape loops.Continue reading “New Track on “No Atmosphere. Silent Abyss.””

Listen to Fantasia XNY, my new piece for fixed media

This weekend saw the debut of my new piece, Fantasia XNY, courtesy of the Spokane New Music Ensemble’s “New Music in Old Homes” concert series:     The program was very clever – organizer Shawn Tolley paired three Baroque pieces, performed by oboist Linnea Wentworth, with contemporary electronic “responses,” all performed in a historic 1906 home. I’ve adoredContinue reading “Listen to Fantasia XNY, my new piece for fixed media”

Buddha, Stockhausen. Stockhausen, Buddha.

My faculty mentor at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Diane Moser, takes an approach to composition that she describes as holistic, and I would describe as having a very strong philosophical component. As part of my studies, she recommended I subscribe to’s “Daily Dharma” newsletter. Today’s newsletter reminded me of Stockhausen’s Music from the SevenContinue reading “Buddha, Stockhausen. Stockhausen, Buddha.”

David Lynch on Creativity

Via the excellent web site, here’s an excerpt of an interview with David Lynch on creativity, and how a whole creative work arrives a piece at a time. “I like to think of it as, in the other room, the puzzle is all-together, but they keep flipping in just one piece at a time.” InContinue reading “David Lynch on Creativity”

Listen to me on IFAR Musique Concrète The Sound Objects compilation

This was a pleasant surprise – one of my tracks is included on the latest compilation from the indefatigably productive IFAR Compilation machine, IFAR Musique Concrète The Sound Objects compilation. The assignment was to create a tribute to the spirit of John Cage (however you may interpret that) using primarily found sounds.  They specifically requested “not justContinue reading “Listen to me on IFAR Musique Concrète The Sound Objects compilation”

First track of my new album Infrared Leviathan: “Springsteen-Influenced 3-Song Cassette Demo”

Let’s get weird! Here’s the first track of my new noise/improv/electronics album Infrared Leviathan: “Springsteen-Influenced 3-Song Cassette Demo” The song gets its title from one of the source materials for the noise – I grabbed a handful of interesting-looking cassettes from New Haven’s favorite “Pay What You Can” book-store/cultural event center, Never-Ending Books. I cameContinue reading “First track of my new album Infrared Leviathan: “Springsteen-Influenced 3-Song Cassette Demo””

Nick Di Maria’s Master’s Thesis on Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi

A notice that my bandmate and brohammer Nick Di Maria  just shared his Master’s thesis on the criminally overlooked Mwandishi-era Herbie Hancock recordings. It’s a nice mix of musical analysis and behind-the-scenes business dealings (and tragically clueless execs who didn’t “get it”.) I got into the Mwandishi stuff when a college bandmate recommended I checkContinue reading “Nick Di Maria’s Master’s Thesis on Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi”

How Xenakis Worked

I love reading about how other composers worked – there’s always something useful to glean for you own practices, and there’s always something reassuring in seeing that, for pretty much everyone, the successful completion of a creative endeavor boils down to a lot of time, effort, and trial and error. Recently Michael Collins hipped meContinue reading “How Xenakis Worked”