New EP out! “nevernaut”

I just released a new six-song EP!   “nevernaut” is a live electronics solo set I did performed at Carl Testa’s “Uncertainty Music Series” a while ago. A central element of the album is processed voice – I think it’s really interesting to combine the intimate immediacy of the voice with the wild, otherworldly possibilities of electronicContinue reading “New EP out! “nevernaut””

My newest composition “Serial Parameter Shift” available on CD!

Ok, I am super excited to share this! I have a new composition on an album distributed at the 2016 Darmstadt Institute! The Distractfold Ensemble released the album, “historage: Remixes/Reworkings/Responses,” in an extremely limited edition CD to participants in the historic Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music. (But YOU don’t have to attend DarmstadtContinue reading “My newest composition “Serial Parameter Shift” available on CD!”

North Country Electronic Music Festival

I had a great weekend performing at the North Country Electronic Music Festival in Montpelier, VT.  The event was organized by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Anne Decker, and David Morneau, and was part of of the 24th annual South End ArtHop – so it was a very cool scene with people coming in and out of the club allContinue reading “North Country Electronic Music Festival”

That Was a Pitchin’ Noise Show!

Recently, my composerly colleague Dennis Báthory-Kitsz linked to an article in which composer Eric Chasalow argues too many electroacoustic composers are missing the importance of pitch in their compositions. (“Pitch” meaning frequencies that we hear as notes.) I can’t claim to be up on the latest trends in electroacoustic music, but I thought that this wasContinue reading “That Was a Pitchin’ Noise Show!”

Music made from micro-loops: “Arrite”

The Disquiet Junto has been providing me with a much-needed creative outlet this school year (I have taken on extra duties in addition to my regular job and am swamped!) I was very happy with this week’s project, which was to take very short snippets of a non-rhythmic sound and turn them into rhythms forContinue reading “Music made from micro-loops: “Arrite””

New Piano and Electronics Piece – 12

I just posted a piano + electronics that I wrote and performed with Aaron Butler at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Electronics Showcase, August 2015. We wanted to write a piece that used lots of electronics (to make it suitable for the “Electronics Showcase” night, of course), and drew on several strains of contemporaryContinue reading “New Piano and Electronics Piece – 12”

Murakami and the Solitude of Writing

[Murakami] likened the solitary act of writing to cooking one of his favourite foods, deep-fried oysters. His wife can’t stand the dish, so he has no choice but to cook and eat them alone, he told the audience, according to the Asahi Shimbun. “I am lonely, but they are delicious,” he added. “Like the relationshipContinue reading “Murakami and the Solitude of Writing”

Cool video art – CIVIC-TV x N.O.I.S.E.

Part of a very cool collaboration with CIVIC-TV. CIVIC requested tracks from 22 musicians, asking for a mixture of noise, ambient, and beats. He then made a visual mixtape linking all the tracks together using highly saturated footage that is simultaneously very abstract and very 80’s. You can watch the whole video here: My thingContinue reading “Cool video art – CIVIC-TV x N.O.I.S.E.”

Hear me on the new Simultaneous Aural Detriments compilation!

At long last, I am a member of the 1%!  I contributed 3 minutes of music (and 12 minutes of silence) among 13 other artists to this awesome experimental project, Simultaneous Aural Detriments. The organizer of this piece asked 14 artists to contribute “a track of exactly 15 minutes with no more than 3 minutes of actual sound,Continue reading “Hear me on the new Simultaneous Aural Detriments compilation!”