Peep my new album, Infrared Leviathan

Hey hey!  I’m happy to announce that my newest album, Infrared Leviathan, is now available for pay-what-you-can download.  This album draws on my passions for noise music, improvisation, and the principles of Baroque counterpoint.  Guided by Edgard Varèse’s philosophy of music as simply organized sounds, Infared Leviathan is a manic spin through palm-sized synthesizers, Goodwill cast-off cassettes, and blasts ofContinue reading “Peep my new album, Infrared Leviathan”

Video score: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz’s “Underside”

We played a still from this video as a graphic score at our Composer’s Voice: Fifteen Minutes of Fame performance. The composer, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, found our performance and added it as the soundtrack to his original video score. Cool! (The most compelling part of the instructions were “slow counterpoint,” which we tried to capture andContinue reading “Video score: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz’s “Underside””

“How do You Play a Picture?” Graphic Scores and Seis Six

I was recently able to debut an unusual piece of my own under unusual, and very interesting, circumstances. There’s a music series in NYC called Composer’s Voice, a subset of which is their (very cool) Fifteen Minutes of Fame series. The 15 Minutes of Fame collects fifteen one-minute miniature pieces for an ensemble (or theme).Continue reading ““How do You Play a Picture?” Graphic Scores and Seis Six”

Hear My “Tape” Piece on the Collected Aural Detriments Compilation

So Reddit can be a huge time-sink (especially if you’re an internet/information addict like I am), but occasionally great things come from it – one enterprising musician took the initiative to start a “noise music” collective, and we have just released our first compilation, “Collected Aural Detriments, Vols 1-3.” My Cage-inspired tape piece “Fire EngineContinue reading “Hear My “Tape” Piece on the Collected Aural Detriments Compilation”

Hear me Hammonding on Mouth 4 Rusty’s new album

Check out my sweet Hammond chops on Mouth 4 Rusty’s new album, “What’s Going Somewhere?”   I’m on track 6, “Animals,” but I’m not going to direct link because I strongly encourage you to enjoy the whole album (or enjoy at least a few songs off of it, I know we’re all pretty busy theseContinue reading “Hear me Hammonding on Mouth 4 Rusty’s new album”

Kevin Smith’s Trick for Being Whatever You Want to Be

“There’s a trick to being whatever you want to be in life. It starts with the simple belief that you are what or who you say you are. It starts, like all faiths, with a belief–a belief predicated more on whimsy than reality. And you’ve gotta believe for everybody else, too–until you can show themContinue reading “Kevin Smith’s Trick for Being Whatever You Want to Be”

Contemporary Music for All

  Do you ever come across something so cool that you get a flutter in your stomach and you think “Could this actually be a thing that people are DOING?!” I got a sensation like that when I ran across England’s “Contemporary Music for All” organization.  This is a group dedicated to running “amateur contemporaryContinue reading “Contemporary Music for All”

Cornelius Cardew’s Virtues for a Musician

Found this on the old blog, thought it would be worth sharing again. As per Cornelius Cardew, here are essential qualities for a musician to develop – especially an improvising musician, especially a musician who improves “freely:” Simplicity – Where everything becomes simple is the most desirable place to be. Integrity – What we do in the actualContinue reading “Cornelius Cardew’s Virtues for a Musician”