Improv Session – The Mysterious Tenuto

Picking up where we left off with my “avante garde jam session” writeups, when we last left our heroes, they were about to tackle a new piece.  A piece steeped in mystery, hauled from the darkest dredges of the internet.  A piece whose name is whispered in the most hushed of tones…a piece named…”Tenuto.“ Seriously,Continue reading “Improv Session – The Mysterious Tenuto”

Improv Session – Agrell’s Interval Game and Ternary Form

In our last improv, we talked about how constraints drive creativity – but too many constraints, or constraints that never change, can get a little dull. To remedy that, in this improv we intorduced a little tonal variety by taking the next logical next step and added a B section that introduced different intervals. IContinue reading “Improv Session – Agrell’s Interval Game and Ternary Form”