Evil teletubbies mashup because the internet thats why

I belong to a Facebook group where we post photos/screenshots of whatever we happen to be listening to at that moment.  It’s actually a lot of fun because it’s FULL of music nerds, and there’s always some funny and irreverent discussion.

Some cat named Tim Bender posted an old corporate promo record for a bacon-making machine. He included a link to the recording via the (always awesome) WFMU blog so we could hear it ourselves.

I’m a big fan of the sound of audio recordings that have been slowed-down, so I simply had to nab the audio track of children singing praises to their corporate overlord and slow it down by about 75%.

I had also recently seen someone who turned to the Teletubbies intro into a black and white David Lynchian nightmare, so it seemed a natural pairing.

I took a break from my grad-school work (rotational arrays!) and made this weird thing – enjoy!

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