The New Haven Independent reviews Apres-Garde Ensemble’s Show

The New Haven Independent reviewed our recent show at Neverending Books:

Apres-Garde in Action

At times, the three distinct spacial qualities of the instruments isolated them, allowing their different ideas to exist simultaneously without drowning the other out. But there were moments, particularly in “Individuation,” where the three players began using similar ideas, unifying the imaginary spaces from which each instrument was being broadcast, and making the small room bigger as a result.

They also had some insightful comments about Carte Noire (it helps when the reviewer is an improviser and composer also – you know they’ll “get it”)

This was tragically Ben Zucker‘s last show with us before he goes off to grad school to become even more awesome.

Our next show was a duo with just Trevor and I – it was an interesting challenge and change.

The next step is for us to find some more kindred spirits and expand the ensemble a bit. Or not? (DUN-DA-DUNN)

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