Playing a noise show tonight in Newark, DE

I’ll be revisiting my college days by playing at the “Final Fridays” noise show tonight in Newark, DE.

That's NEW-ark. NEWurk is in NJ. Huge difference.
That’s NEW-ark. NEWurk is in NJ. Huge difference.

I just got my (new!) setup all tweaked and ready to go; I am super super excited to have a rig that I can take out into the world and use to not just play my pieces but to actually interact with and construct stuff on the fly.  So very cool.  I’ll be doing reconstructed versions of three pieces off of my Infrared Leviathan album, making heavy use of Ableton’s Follow Actions and also doing my own interpretation of Ikue Mori’s setup as she described in the first Arcana book.

(I’ll explain my fake-Ikue setup in further detail in a subsequent blog post).

I’m billied as Robot Monster; R0B0T M0NST0R is supposed to be my name for manic pop and raggacore mashups, but I didn’t quite get those pieces together in time for the gig, so I’m doing some more sedate stuff (it’ll still be face-melting but there won’t be any beats).

Anyway, if you’re in the area, I hope to see you there!  The show starts at 9 and is being hosted by Rainbow Records.

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